Beginning on 1 July 2015, Lyreco (representing S.A. Lyreco Belgium, S.A. Lyreco Luxembourg and Lyreco Nederland B.V.) is introducing a new Lyreco Loyalty Program in the Benelux for a selection of goods sold by Lyreco, referred to below as “Goods”. This selection is available at request via The following general terms and conditions will apply to this Program. By registering for the Lyreco Loyalty Program, you declare that you have examined these general terms and conditions and that you agree with their applicability. 

Only those customers selected by Lyreco within the Field Sales Segment in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg may log on at the invitation of Lyreco to participate in the Lyreco Loyalty Program. Register at Your account will be activated after logging on with your Lyreco customer number and allocated password. You will be required to change the password after you first register. You can log on at any time to the shop and view your Loyalty points balance at any time by entering your user name (customer number) and personal password. The month in which you register at will be used as the starting point for accumulating Loyalty points on your account.

Lyreco will record data relating to you for the purpose of its business operations in one or more databases. On request, Lyreco will provide you with information regarding the purpose and usage of these databases or will delete your data. By entering your personal data, you agree that your personal details may be stored. Lyreco respects your privacy and will ensure that your personal data will be dealt with as entered.

Earning points
Once you have registered, you will automatically receive Loyalty points when ordering Goods from Lyreco in the Benelux. The awarded points are not fixed. They can vary per article and per period. An overview of current and past promotions is available on Loyalty points will be allocated to your account each month after invoicing. The points related to credit notes will be deducted. Numbers appearing after the decimal point will always be rounded down. Loyalty points will be allocated to the company, not to the individuals registered. Lyreco is not liable for the consequences of any delay in crediting Loyalty points. Where there are returns of Goods for which you have received Loyalty points, these Loyalty points will be deducted from your balance.

Ordering items
Orders of gift items from the Lyreco Loyalty Program can be placed via the Lyreco online shop only. Ordering gifts is only possible by redeeming Loyalty points. The number of points required to redeem a gift may be modified during the course of the Program. Illustrations and descriptions of the gifts in the online shop are not binding. When placing your order, please indicate the required delivery address. If these details are not correct, delivery of your order may be delayed or not carried out. 

Shipping ordered items
The items ordered by you will be delivered by a courier service to the address you indicate. If you order several items at the same time, it is possible that they will be delivered separately. Deliveries will not be made to post-box addresses. Deliveries will take place in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg only. Lyreco cannot be liable for any delays in shipping and/or delivery. There are no shipping charges. You are required to examine the items at the time of delivery to make sure that they correspond with your order. If this is not the case, please contact

Virtually all of the items from the Lyreco Loyalty Program are under warranty, in accordance with normal manufacturing conditions and European guidelines. Each warranty is provided by the individual manufacturer in question. If you have any questions, please contact 

Disposal charge
A statutory disposal charge is made on a large number of items. This additional charge will be passed on without any surcharge to the consumer. On those items for which a disposal charge applies at the time of publication of this Lyreco Loyalty Program, this will be passed on directly in the number of Lyreco points. If a disposal charge is subsequently levied on other items, Lyreco also reserves the right to pass on this charge.

Lyreco reserves the right to makes changes to the colour, description and number of Loyalty points required for the items offered. Subject to misprints and typesetting errors. Lyreco is permitted to change or entirely halt the Lyreco Loyalty Program at any time. This latter action will take into account the notice period required under Termination of the Lyreco Loyalty Program.

The Lyreco Loyalty Program begins on 1 July 2015 and will end, subject to a possible extension by Lyreco, on 31 December 2016. Loyalty points that were not exchanged remain valid for 24 months after they were attributed. Loyalty points earned will remain valid for 3 months after the end of the Program Lyreco reserves the right to shorten this period. The credit of Loyalty points that were not exchanged will then expire and a restitution is not possible.

Tax matters 
Lyreco cannot be held liable for any tax-related consequences that may arise from the Lyreco Loyalty Program.

Improper use
Lyreco is not liable for any improper use of the Lyreco Loyalty Program by third parties. In the event of improper use, any further participation will be excluded and the number of Loyalty points set to zero.

Cancellation of participation
Participation in the Lyreco Loyalty Program may be cancelled at any time by written notification to our Customer Service department or by contacting the department via After cancellation, no further Loyalty points will be recorded in your account and all claims to Loyalty points will lapse with Lyreco being required to pay any compensation.

Ending the Lyreco Loyalty Program
Lyreco reserves the right to terminate the Lyreco Loyalty Program. In the event of the Program being brought to an end, you will still be entitled to a further three months in which to redeem the balance of your accrued Loyalty points. In case of fraud or non-payment of Lyreco invoices, Lyreco maintains the right to end your participation in the Lyreco Loyalty Program at any moment. All your remaining points will be forfeited immediately.

Complaints and accessibility
Despite all of the care that we devote to our service and the Lyreco Loyalty Program, it is still possible that you may not be satisfied for some reason. You may lodge any complaint you may have via or by telephoning our Customer Service department.

Concluding condition 
We are entitled to modify these general terms and conditions at any time and will always keep you notified of any changes as best we can. You will find the current version of our general terms and conditions at When a change is made to our general terms and conditions, the old general terms and conditions will be superseded. Belgian law alone shall apply to the Lyreco Loyalty Program.  Any disputes between Lyreco and the other party will come under the sole jurisdiction of the courts in Belgium, with the courts in Antwerp having sole jurisdiction for disputes in the Dutch language and the courts in Liège for disputes in French.